• Original pencil drawing, white chalk pastel pencil and colour pencils on black paper.


    Comes framed and ready to hang.

    Please note, this item is large and heavy! Postage costs may be substantial.

    Snow eyes (Original)

    • Original artworks are the original artwork that prints are usually made from. These are pieces I've done as personal projects, commissioned originals go to the person who commissioned the item.

      Usually prints are not made of commission work unless stated otherwise during the commission process on an individual basis.

      In the case of personal project orginals, prints are often made but the original is avaliable for a higher price purchase as it is a really special one of a kind item.

      Purchasing the original does not provide you with copyrights or rights over the image. You may display or sell on the original piece but the IP remains with the artist unless stated otherwise via a lisence agreement.