• - This is a digital commission, you will not recieve a phyisical item but a digital file thats suitable for printing-
    Base price covers a full body, detailed illustration of your character, pet, or you!

    There are a multitude of options you can add and just so check them out below.
    For multiple characters, add multiple of this item to your cart.

    Full illustration (Digital commission)

    Animal companion?
    • Once you have selected the product options you want and paid, once the order is recieved you will be emailed or messaged in your prefered method of contact to recieve information on your character and any images you already have that fit the design you wish to be created.

      Original characters only, you must own all rights to the design.

      Once you have given me the description, any images, told me what you would like, I will give you regular updates to ensure we reach the finalised design you are after.

    • Digital commissions:
      No returns upon full or near full completion of a piece.

      Correction of errors according to feedback specification available, first 5 minor changes and 1 large total change FREE provided changes at the sketch stage. Reference sheets have double these numbers free.

      Further changes or changes during the colouring and rendering stages may be available but could be subject to a fee.

      Updates may be given at each major step or to work out a change.
      Refunds available by negotiation based on percentage of piece completed, no refunds available if piece entirely completed.


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