• Custom claws in any colour you can think of.

    They can be any shape, species, colour or texture.
    While I'm displaying 3 sizes here you will absolutely be able to order any size, just drop me a message if you want something not stated here and we can work something out.

    They are made of thermoplastic, coloured varietys will have trace acrylic paints mixed in and may be SLIGHTLY softer than the colourless white claws.

    Small sizes: up to 4cms total length, 3cm exposed length.
    Medium: up to 8cms total length, 7 cm exposed length.
    Large: up to 16cm total length, 15cm exposed length.


    Each claw will have approximately 1cm of gluing surface, if you wish to stitch the claws on, two holes will be made in that surface for easy stitching.


    Custom claws (Commission)