For Confuzzled 2020 I will be holding an auction for the biggest canvas artwork I have ever created. The canvas is 1m by 1.5m!
I'll be using a variety of techniques, mixed media primarily with acrylic paint, collage, pencils, pens, inks and more.
This will be the most ambitious piece I have created in my artistic life thus far.

I'll be donating 100% of the money from this auction to the Confuzzled charity this year, Secret World Wildlife Rescue.
 If you'd like to drop a tip for me as well that option will be available, just to cover my material costs which may be around £30.
Note: Postage may have to be applied on top of your donation if its to other countries other than the UK, this is HUGE.
For the UK, I will be delivering it personally when its complete (it will take a long time) so there will be a small cost associated.
 (Thank you to my glamorous assistant for demonstrating the size)

Some examples of my canvas work, acrylic and sharpy, I'll be using all sorts including papers and fabrics to make more texture.

Follow the link below to bid!

Minimum bid increase: £10

Bidding will end on Sunday at 11:59 GMT.

If you do not have a Furaffinity page, please message me on any social media or my email: and I will place the bid for you.

Auction page


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